Law Firm Asianaiset at your service

At Law Firm Asianaiset Ltd we have four attorneys: Johanna Ojala, Kirsi Tarvainen, Ilse Lehtimaja and Sofia Räsänen. We provide legal services for private individuals.

Our firm Asianajotoimisto Asianaiset was founded in 1994. We were accepted as members of the Finnish Bar Association in 1998. We are obliged to comply with the laws as well as the applicable rules on professional ethics given by the Finnish Bar Association.

Our main areas of interest and specialisation are:

  • Family Law (marriage, divorce, marital division, child custody),

  • Inheritance Law (estate inventory, heritance division, wills),

  • Criminal Law,

  • Immigration Law (residence permits, Asylum Law, deportations, citizenship), and

  • Human Rights and Constitutional Rights.

For further information about us and our services, please contact us. You can best reach us by phone on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. We serve our clients in Finnish and in English. Please note that when we provide our services in English, we charge an additional 25 % on top of the prices listed on the prices page (Hinnasto).

Our office is situated in Helsinki city centre, near the Kamppi subway station.